Sale of equipment and materials heat treatments

We have a great experience in design and equipment manufacturing, adapting to customers’ needs and applications.

Electric heat treatment equipment

  • Console type low voltage output well with AC or DC current.
  • Type 3 phases.
  • Generators, hot air and others.

Manufacturing of equipment in sizes to suit the specific needs of each client

  • Equipment with power and number of outputs, incorporating variables PLC treatment and temperature recorder.

Consult us your needs and we will design equipment sized to your needs

Modular combustion equipment at high speed

  • Gas
  • Mixed gas-oil-fired
  • Gasoil

Complete equipment with modulation trains and power automation systems and heat treatment cycle control.

Manufacturing, overhaul and repair of equipment

Performing repair and overhaul of equipment including calibration settings recorders and process controllers.

The photos are a sample of our availabilities, other models or formats can be manufactured according to your application needs.

Equipment, accessories and spare parts

  Heaters PDF
   Thermocouples and accessories PDF
   Thermocouple attachment unit (TAU) PDF
   Programmers PDF
   Recording equipment PDF
   Spare parts for equipment PDF